Independent Franchise Partners, LLP is a London-based specialist, independent investment management partnership dedicated to offering the Franchise investment approach. We currently manage $15.5 billion on behalf of institutional investors.

The Franchise investment approach is designed to deliver attractive long-term returns while focusing on the absolute risks inherent in equity investment. It is founded on the belief that a concentrated portfolio of exceptionally high quality companies - whose primary competitive advantage is supported by a dominant intangible asset - selected with an absolute value bias will earn attractive long-term returns with less than average absolute volatility.

We employ a research process that is focused on identifying investment opportunities which demonstrate both the quality and value characteristics we believe can deliver sustainable, long-term investment returns. Once identified, we believe a patient, buy-and-hold approach is the best way to allow these companies to compound wealth for shareholders over the long-term. Our average holding period is in excess of 7 years.

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